Talk Club is a talking and listening club for men.

Set up by you and your mates to help keep you mentally fit.

It’s a regular mental kick about.

Like using jumpers for goal-posts.

But for your brain.

It’s not about solving your mates problems.

It’s about listening to them.

You don’t have to jump in and fix anything.

It’s a safe space for you and your mates to say what’s really weighing you down.

Talk Club about it.

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How do you start a Talk Club?

Find a quiet space.

It doesn’t have to be behind closed doors, but it does need

to be somewhere where everyone feels comfortable enough to open up.

6 - 8 men to a Talk.

We recommend 6 – 8 mates in each group. Less is cool. More is fine.

Just make sure there is enough time for everyone to talk.

Keep it regular.

Every week. Every fortnight. Every month. Whatever you decide; keep it consistent.

This allows you to build yourself up for the next meeting.

Keep it in Talk Club.

The things you talk about should stay between you guys. Talking about the existence

of the group is fine. In fact it’s encouraged, just don’t share what others have said. This creates a safe space for everyone to be open and honest.

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Have a start and end point.

Kick off at 7.30 to 9.30 or 8-10. You don’t need to do this but it’s good to have some structure, even if it’s rough. 2 hours is a good amount of time. Talk for as long as you need. But create a final whistle. It’ll help.

It’s Social not a Piss-Up.

Having a drink is ok. Maybe 2. But make it social - don’t get pissed.

Normal group therapy happens away from alcohol for a reason. But this is Talking.

So if it makes you relax then cool. Just don’t let the alcohol take over.

If you arrive feeling stressed, why not start on a softy.

Be positive.

This is an easy one as you are already all friends (or friends of friends). But if you all try to be really supportive, you will all get more out of it. Banter is good. Laugh, joke, be silly, but be positive.

The Ball.

Have a ball, or a cup, or a spoon. A rule of good group therapy is to take it in turns to talk and to not speak over each other. So, if you have a rule that only the person holding the object can talk, it makes it equal and even. So talk and pass it on.

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A guide to help kick off your Talk Club

You need one person to kick it off, their honesty will set the tone, so who is it?

1. How are you, Out of 10? Out of 10 rate how you are feeling?

(Try to avoid the automatic “7” re-ply.)

Are you feeling a 4 or an 8 or a 2. Be honest.

Then try and explain why do you feel that way.

2. What’s on your shoulders? What’s worrying you? Dragging you down? Keeping you awake? What haven’t you told people? Take the weight off.

Talk about it.

3. What’s good in your life? What are you happy about?

What one moment from the last week are you thankful for?

4. What’s your plans for Mental Fitness this week? Exercise? Learning?

Walk every lunch time?

Give yourself some ‘me time’ - daily.

Saying it out loud means you’re more likely to do it.


Stay with it. It might take a few meetings to get used to it but it will be worth it.

Stay connected. Set up a WhatsApp group so you guys can chat and be there for

each other.

Email us at Create an Instagram or Twitter account and follow us.

Because showing that you’ve started your group will inspire others to do the same. We’ll also share films and content we’ve created that might help. Creating a bigger community for everyone.

So hook up and #GetTalking

Talk Club relies on donations to support its work in saving the lives of men.

Your support will help save lives. Thank you!